Class Projects

Reform Movements Past and Present: 4th Quarter Project

  • Driving Question: What has motivated Americans to change a particular aspect of our society and how successful has each reform movement been?

  • Process: This quarter you and your partners will create a Wikipage on either a past reform movement or a contemporary movement. This page willreflect the research collected regarding your particular issue.

  • Your goal isto inform your classmates about the key factors that contribute to reform movements, both past and present.

*Required Questions:*

1) What historical forces led to the rise of the movement?

2) What methods/tactics were used to lead the movement?

3) What major figures involved in the movement?

4) Was/Is the movement successful in achieving its goals?

*Research Requirements:*

1) 6 sources and accompanying "notecards" to complete your Wikipage
2) You MUST make this a multi-media presentation
3) Driving force is your analysis of the 4 questions, which will appear at
the top of your page

*Basic Phases of Wikipage Creation
(1) Introduce the project and computer research in class/Research in ME3 to
be announced in class: Week of April 26th

(2) Wikipage check-ins May 12th

(3) Complete Wikipage May 24th

(4) Presentation of Wikipage begin following class

Click on the link for your group and then click the "edit" button to start adding content. Only add and edit content that is on your page. If you edit another groups page without permission you will be held accountable. Every time a wiki is updated it moves the old page into the "history" and the name of the person who edited the page is also added to the history. With that, let's all be responsible and respectful of one another. Thank you.